The Kick-ass Guide to Smarter Vertical Jump Training

You have come to the right place if you want to get some no-nonsense, practical tips on “how to jump higher.” We’ll talk about the most beneficial exercises and go through almost everything you’ve ever wanted to know about vertical training: Are you too young for jump training? Stretching: to do or not to do? Pool workouts to jump higher Strength shoes: hot or not? And more … So who cares about their jumping ability anyway? Well, increasing your vertical jump is obviously beneficial in basketball, football and volleyball. But really, any athlete can become more complete by improving their vertical leap. The same exercises used in jump training will also increase your overall strength, overall anaerobic performance, and general athleticism. In basketball specifically, you can also leverage an increased vertical to your advantage by not only being able to dunk, but challenge more shots as a defender. You’ll also become a better rebounder by being capable of grabbing a missed shot at a higher point. Perhaps most importantly, by becoming a complete athlete, you will have more confidence in all aspects of your game. So how many inches can somebody actually add to their vertical jump through training? It sounds unbelievable, but it is possible to … Continue reading