Top 7 Mistakes that Kills your Vertical Jump

Being committed to a vertical training program is only half of the story. If you find yourself working hard but noticing minimal to no results, you may be making some of the following mistakes. Unfortunately, many of the mistakes listed are very common among athletes who are trying to improve their vertical leap, so make sure to keep them in mind throughout your training. Mistake #1: Not training all Muscles There is no one muscle that makes you leap higher.  The act of jumping requires your hamstrings, calves, glute, quads, abs, and back muscles all to work in cooperation. If you are focusing on some of these muscle groups and neglecting others, your vertical leaping ability may not improve as much as you’d hoped for.   Read more: How to have a smarter Vertical Jump Training program?   Mistake #2: Over Concentration on Building Strength Numerous athletes do long weight training sessions,and then seem to think that doing extra work on this will assist them even further. No it won’t. Your workout time is valuable, so make sure you are keeping your primary objective in mind.  If you are looking to improve your vertical leap, focus on the exercises that will … Continue reading

Basketballcrazed time to break

Worried too much about vertical jump training, dunk and overall basketball after reading all kinds of different advice all over the internet and youtube? Don’t panic! You can make it if you show some dedication, consistency and stick with the right program. Now take a break and have some fun with this awesome basketball vines. Enjoy!     Think that smaller guys can’t dunk? Think again. This guys is only 5’9″.     Fail but at least he dunked. It’s all that matters. Isn’t it?  

The Kick-ass Guide to Smarter Vertical Jump Training

You have come to the right place if you want to get some no-nonsense, practical tips on “how to jump higher.” We’ll talk about the most beneficial exercises and go through almost everything you’ve ever wanted to know about vertical training: Are you too young for jump training? Stretching: to do or not to do? Pool workouts to jump higher Strength shoes: hot or not? And more … So who cares about their jumping ability anyway? Well, increasing your vertical jump is obviously beneficial in basketball, football and volleyball. But really, any athlete can become more complete by improving their vertical leap. The same exercises used in jump training will also increase your overall strength, overall anaerobic performance, and general athleticism. In basketball specifically, you can also leverage an increased vertical to your advantage by not only being able to dunk, but challenge more shots as a defender. You’ll also become a better rebounder by being capable of grabbing a missed shot at a higher point. Perhaps most importantly, by becoming a complete athlete, you will have more confidence in all aspects of your game. So how many inches can somebody actually add to their vertical jump through training? It sounds unbelievable, but it is possible to … Continue reading

Can a 5’7″ White Kid Really dunk?

18-year-old kid do a huge dunk

Yeah, yeah we all know giants have the distinct advantage of being fed the ball and they just stuff it like it was nothing. But today we are not here to talk about players like 6’6” Michael Jordan or 6’8” LeBron James. You probably know some smaller players who can start doing massive dunks, despite being in some cases over a foot shorter or more than the tallest NBAer’s. Shorter players like Spud Webb who could drive to the net and forcefully throw down a dunk like the 7 footers, despite the extreme height disadvantage. But yeah, not everyone is an athletic mutant like Spud Webb. Again, we’re not here to talk about mutants. A 5’7” 18-year-old kid who trained himself to dunk And yes, he’s WHITE. If you think that you have already done whatever you could but still can’t dunk and feel like quitting, don’t. It’s the unsexy stuff you do in practicing dunks or anything in life that will get you to your goal. There is an actual lesson by a kid who did this, and he’s only 5’7”. He accomplished his goal of slamming the ball like a pro dunker. This kid shows you, even though you … Continue reading

An Essential Guide to Measuring Vertical Jump (Sargent Test)

How to perform simple Vertical jump test (Sargent test)

What is Sargent test aka vertical jump test? Sargent test is a test everyone can use to measure their leap height. How high you can jump, is a good indicator of your lower body power and explosive performance. Should you even care about it? Is being able to do decent vertical jumps going to help you become a better athlete? It is obvious that having a decent jump is a key ingredient to your success as a Basketball or Volleyball player. Imagine how impressive it would be if you could take a huge leap to smash the ball into the net because players are guarding the net like crazy. Think about this, though. You’re involved in sports that don’t have you doing  jumps at all, like UFC type fighting or NHL Hockey. But still require you to have better than average strength, ability to explode using the power of your lower body. Now again, the vertical leap can be used as a tool to assess your performance. So obviously the answer to above question is Yes, if you are serious about your sports, you have to care about it. You Can Easily Do at Home to Measure Your Jumping Ability If you are still here … Continue reading